How to deregister a defunct solvent company?

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  1. Step 1 – Apply for a Notice of No Objection

    Apply for a "Notice of No Objection to a Company being Deregistered" ("Notice of No Objection") from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. Application form IR1263 can be downloaded from the website of the Inland Revenue Department.

    Step 2 – Deliver documents

    Within 3 months from the date of issue of the Notice of No Objection, deliver the following documents either electronically through our e-Filing Services under the "e-Services Portal" or in hard copy form to the Shroff on the 14th floor of the Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong:

    1. Form NDR1 - Application for Deregistration of Private Company or Company Limited by Guarantee together with a non-refundable fee of HK$420; and

    2. the Notice of No Objection - Original Notices of No Objection are required for applications delivered in hard copy form. For applications delivered electronically, certified copies of the Notices of No Objection by the applicant, a director or the company secretary of the company are required.

    • The company applying for deregistration must meet ALL the conditions mentioned in section 2D of the Form NDR1.

    • Please ensure that the company’s property (including credit balances in the company’s bank accounts, motor vehicle, landed property, etc.) is properly disposed of before making an application for the deregistration of the company.

    • A person who, in connection with an application for deregistration, knowingly or recklessly gives any information to the Registrar of Companies that is false or misleading in a material particular commits an offence and is liable, on conviction on indictment to a fine of $300,000 and 2 years imprisonment; or on summary conviction to a fine at level 6 ($100,000) and 6 months imprisonment.

    For details, please refer to the following information pamphlets:

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