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The Companies Registry has been making extensive use of Information Technology to support the provision of efficient and high quality electronic services. In order to implement our vision of establishing a fully computerised Companies Registry, we have implemented an Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS) in phases since 2005 to fully computerise our core business activities and enable electronic delivery of services.

Since its launch in 2005, the ICRIS has been the mission-critical information system of the Registry. Over the years, the ICRIS has been enhanced from time to time to cater for legislative and procedural changes and to provide a wide range of electronic services, including registration of companies, registration of statutory returns and public search services, etc.

To remain responsive to evolving business needs and meet public expectations for more stable, secured and efficient services, the Registry has embarked on a development project entitled “The Next Generation of ICRIS for the Companies Registry” (“the Revamped ICRIS”) in late 2018. The project seeks to revamp the existing information systems for developing a single integrated online platform that supports the Registry’s main business operations and future electronic services, which will enhance customer experience in using electronic services. The Revamped ICRIS will also be scalable in supporting new initiatives of the Registry or the Government. It will be built with a high level of availability and robustness to support company registration system and company governance regulatory functions with enhanced security and reliability.

The Revamped ICRIS will be launched on 27 December 2023.

Comprehensive information and updates on the implementation of the Revamped ICRIS, including external circular, gazette notice, revised specified forms etc. are available in this thematic section. The Registry will continue to update this section from time to time.
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