Vision and Mission

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  • To achieve world-wide recognition as an excellent Companies Registry giving the community a quality service.


  • To provide our customers with efficient, cost-effective and quality services and facilities to incorporate companies and to register and inspect company documents.

  • To continuously review and enhance our services and facilities and undertake effective enforcement, taking account of the best modern technology available.

  • To motivate our staff to achieve organisational objectives by adopting appropriate human resource management strategies.


  • To care for and respect our customers by listening to them and taking into account their needs and expectations when shaping the types and quality of service which we deliver.

  • To care for and respect our colleagues as a quality service and effective enforcement can be delivered and undertaken only through dedicated people of high calibre working together as a team.

  • To change for the better by remaining receptive to new ideas, technologies and work practices so as to enhance the level and quality of our services and facilities.

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