Standing Committee on Company Law Reform (Committee Members)

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The Standing Committee on Company Law Reform (SCCLR) was set up in 1984. It advises the Financial Secretary on amendments to the Companies Ordinance and the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, as well as amendments to the Securities and Futures Ordinance on matters relating to corporate governance and shareholders' protection, as and when necessary.

As from 1 February 2024, the membership list of the SCCLR is as follows:

NamePosition HeldFirst Appointment DateDate of Reappointment
Mr Johnny Mok, SCChairman1.2.20211.2.2023
Mr Jack Chan HoiMember1.2.2024
Ms Ivy Cheung Wing-hanMember1.2.2023
Mr Paul Chow Koon-yingMember1.2.20201.2.2024
Ms Christine Chung Wai-yinMember1.2.20191.2.2023
Ms Julianne Pearl DoeMember1.2.20201.2.2024
Mr Dennis Ho Chiu-pingMember1.2.20211.2.2023
Ms Sabrina Ho Shuk-yingMember1.2.20221.2.2024
Ms Wendy Kam Mei-haMember1.2.2024
Mr Geoffrey Edward KaoMember1.2.2023
Mr Jason KarasMember1.2.20201.2.2024
Mr Ernest Lee Chun-hoMember1.2.2024
Mr Low Chee-keongMember1.2.20191.2.2023
Mr David John SimmondsMember1.2.2023
Ms Jacqueline WalshMember1.2.20211.2.2023
Ms Tiffany WongMember1.2.20201.2.2024
A representative of the
Hong Kong Exchanges
and Clearing Limited
A representative of the
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
A representative of the Securities
and Futures Commission
Registrar of CompaniesMember
Official ReceiverMember
Secretary for Financial Services
and the Treasury or his representative
A representative of the
Department of Justice

Secretary: Ms Majestic S Yeung
Telephone: (852) 2867 5839
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