Standing Committee on Company Law Reform (Committee Members)

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NamePosition HeldFirst Appointment DateDate of Reappointment
Mr John Scott, SCChairman1.10.20141.2.2019
Mr Bruno ArboitMember1.2.20151.2.2019
Ms Linda Chan Ching-fan, SCMember1.2.20171.2.2019
Mr Clement Chan Kam-wingMember1.2.20171.2.2019
Ms Bonnie Chan YitingMember1.2.20151.2.2019
Ms Christine Chung Wai-yinMember1.2.2019
Mr David Fu Yat-hungMember1.2.20171.2.2019
Mr David KiddMember1.2.20141.2.2018
Mr Robert Lee Wai-wangMember1.2.20161.2.2018
Professor Low Chee-keongMember1.2.2019
Dr Lewis Luk TeiMember1.2.20141.2.2018
Ms Gillian MellerMember1.2.20171.2.2019
Mr. Albert NgMember1.2.2018
Mr Keith PogsonMember1.2.20151.2.2019
Mrs Natalia Seng Sze Ka-meeMember1.2.20161.2.2018
Ms Cynthia Tang Yuen-shunMember1.2.20161.2.2018
Mr Bernie Ting Wai-cheungMember1.2.20171.2.2019
A representative of the
Hong Kong Exchanges
and Clearing Limited
A representative of the
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
A representative of the Securities
and Futures Commission
Registrar of CompaniesMember
Official ReceiverMember
Secretary for Financial Services
and the Treasury or his representative
A representative of the
Department of Justice

Secretary: Ms Ellen W L Chan
Telephone: (852) 2867 5839
E-mail address:
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