Annual Return e-Reminder Service

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Companies and their officers are responsible for complying with their obligations to deliver annual returns to the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Ordinance for registration and making their own arrangements to deliver the annual returns on time. An Annual Return e-Reminder Service (e-Reminder Service) is available at the e-Services Portal for all local companies and registered non-Hong Kong companies.

e-Reminder Service is a simple and user-friendly service which is provided at the e-Services Portal free of charge. Electronic notifications for delivering annual returns will be sent by the system to the message boxes and registered email addresses of users. Users can readily access the e-Services Portal through a hyperlink provided in the notifications for electronic submission of annual returns (web Forms NAR1 or NN3).

For details, please refer to the demonstration and the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on "e-Reminder Service" under the "Electronic Services > e-Services Portal > Electronic Services at the e-Services Portal > Other Electronic Services > Annual Return e-Reminder" section of this website. A 24-hour Help Desk Support Service Team is available to provide assistance at (852) 8201 8273 or via email at

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