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Integrated Companies Registry Information System (“ICRIS”)

Dating back to the early 90s, like other organisations and businesses, a paper-based system had sufficed for the Registry' s daily operations and delivery of services. With the rapid development of Hong Kong's economy and growth in the number of companies, a microfilm system and computer-based system were used in the late 90s to provide more efficient access to data and onsite services to address the needs of customers. The Cyber Search Centre and e-Registry were introduced in 2005 and 2011 to provide round-the-clock convenient online search and electronic document submission services respectively under separate portals.

In order to remain responsive to evolving business needs and meet public expectations for more stable, secured and efficient services, the Registry launched its revamped core information system, the ICRIS, on 27 December 2023 together with the e-Services Portal which is a single integrated online platform that provides convenient round-the-clock services, including electronic search and document submission services, to the users. Users can access different electronic services by a single logon to the e-Services Portal of the ICRIS. With the responsive design of the e-Services Portal, users can access different e-Services with desktop and mobile hand-held devices with different screen sizes.

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