Procedures and Charges for Access to Information not routinely published

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To facilitate members of the public to obtain information or records under the Code on Access to Information, the Registrar of Companies has designated Assistant Registry Manager (Customer Services and Management) as the responsible officer for ensuring that the requests for access to information under the Code are dealt with in accordance with the specified procedures.

Requests for information or records other than those made under existing statutory rights may be made by letter or application form obtainable from the Customer Services and Management Division of this Registry or at all District Offices of the Home Affairs Bureau. The application form is also available for viewing or downloading in Word or PDF format.

The application should be addressed to:

Address:Access to Information Officer,
Companies Registry,
14th floor, Queensway Government Offices,
66 Queensway,
Hong Kong.
Fax:(852) 2869 6817

The following information is available for public inspection at the Customer Services and Management Division of this Registry:-

a.Organisation & Distribution of Business
b.Legal Requirements
c.A list of information either published or otherwise made available, whether free or on payment
d.A list of records by category
e.A copy of the Code on Access to Information
f.A copy of the Guidelines on Interpretation and Application, Code on Access to Information

Processing requests for information uses resources and therefore applicants may be required to pay for this service. Any charges levied will reflect the cost of providing the information i.e. standard photocopying charge or charge to recover full cost when editing, compilation or research work are involved in the process. Applicants will be informed in advance of the charge and will be free to pursue or withdraw the request.

For enquiries, please telephone (852) 2867 4570 during office hours.

Note: The Code on Access to Information and the Guidelines on Interpretation and Application are available on the website on Access to Government Information.

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