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Chart of Organisation & Distribution of Business

Registrar of Companies Deputy Principal Solicitor Registry Solicitor Registry Manager Business Manager Legal Services Division General Support Services Division Company Formation & Enforcement Division Registration Division Public Search Division Customer Services Division Financial Services Division Development Division Information Technology Division Prosecution Section New Companies Section Deregistration Section General Registration Section Charges & Liquidation Section Document Management Section Public Search Section Systems Administration Section Development Section
Registrar of Companies
Ms Ada L L CHUNG, J.P.
Tel : (852) 2867 2818
overall management of the Companies Registry
Registry Manager
Miss Hilda H M CHANG
Tel : (852) 2867 4500
overall policy guidance and coordination among divisions
Registry Solicitor
Joseph K H HUI
Tel : (852) 2867 2819
overall administration of Legal Services Division
Deputy Principal Solicitor
Ms Ellen W L CHAN
Tel : (852) 2867 5839
as the Secretary to the Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
coordinate periodic reviews of the provisions of the Companies Ordinance
Business Manager
Richard S K SO
Tel : (852) 2867 2851
business and IT development and provision of financial services in support of the Companies Registry's operations
Legal Services Division
Assistant Principal Solicitor
Mrs Christine Frances SIT
Tel : (852) 2867 2826
administer and enforce the provisions of various ordinances e.g. Companies Ordinance
General Support Services Division
Departmental Secretary
William W L CHAN
Tel : (852) 2867 4901
provide administrative support
Company Formation & Enforcement Division
Deputy Registry Manager
Miss Wendy S W MA
Tel : (852) 2867 2592
administer and manage the business of the division
Enforcement Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Raymond W M FONG
Tel : (852) 2867 3407
institute prosecutions against companies and responsible persons for failure to comply with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance
New Companies Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Miss Karen S F CHAN
Tel : (852) 2867 4790

Miss Nancy O S YAU
Tel : (852) 2867 4289
incorporation of local limited companies and registration of non-Hong Kong companies
change of name of local and registered non-Hong Kong companies
process applications for licences to dispense with the word 'Limited' in the names of companies under section 103 of the Companies Ordinance
registration of Trust Companies
Deregistration Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Ms Fanny W C LAM
Tel : (852) 2867 2631
deregistration of defunct solvent companies
striking off defunct companies from the register
restoration of companies
Registration Division
Deputy Registry Manager
Miss Angelina K S MOK
Tel : (852) 2867 4563
administer and manage the business of the division
General Registration Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Ms Agnes S K WONG
Tel : (852) 2867 4562

Ms Kamela HAMET
Tel : (852) 2867 4565

registration of general documents of local and registered non-Hong Kong companies
maintain a database of key information of companies
Charges & Liquidation Section
Assistant Registry Manager
CHAN Ching‐hang
Tel : (852) 2867 2611
registration of charges and their discharge
registration of documents in respect of liquidation of companies
Public Search Division
Deputy Registry Manager
Wren W T WU
Tel : (852) 2867 2594
administer and manage the business of the division
Document Management Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Miss Ida H C LEE
Tel : (852) 2867 2567
provide services for receipt and dispatch of documents
Public Search Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Miss Ida H C LEE
Tel : (852) 2867 2567
provide services for inspecting and obtaining company information
process documents lodged under the Money Lenders Ordinance, Limited Partnerships Ordinance, Registered Trustees Incorporation Ordinance and miscellaneous incorporation ordinances
Customer Services Division
Assistant Registry Manager
YU Kwok-kuen
Tel : (852) 2867 4570
provide customer services
deal with customers' suggestions and complaints
Financial Services Division
Deputy Business Manager
Ms Karina K K SHING
Tel : (852) 2867 4906
administer and manage the business of the division
provide financial management and accounting support
provide support in stores and procurement matters
Development Division
Deputy Registry Manager
Ms Marianna S F YU
Tel : (852) 2867 2585
administer and manage the business of the division
recommend & oversee the implementation of development initiatives for improving service quality and efficiency
Systems Administration Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Paul K H NG
Tel : (852) 2867 5485
undertake coordination work relating to system development, implementation and maintenance
Development Section
Assistant Registry Manager
Ms Veronica P Y CHEUNG
Tel : (852) 2867 2618
undertake coordination and implementation work relating to development initiatives
Information Technology Division
Senior Systems Manager
Ms Annie W Y TAM
Tel : (852) 2867 4558
provide technical advice and support on the development and management of IT projects and systems
recommend cost-effective IT solutions
Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers – Preparatory Team
Registry Manager
Miss Ivy M S POON
Tel : (852) 2867 3336

Deputy Registry Manager
Roger H W WONG
Tel : (852) 2867 3334
prepare for the implementation of the licensing and regulatory regime for Trust or Company Service Providers