Local Companies that have Remained Registered on the Companies Register

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Number of Local Companies that has Remained Registered on the Companies Register in 2014

[Incorporated under the Predecessor Ordinance (i.e. the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32) before the commencement of the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622))]

Statistics for 2014

StatisticsStatisticsMonthLocal companies
MonthNo. of public companiesNo. of private companiesTotal No. of
companies that has remained registered
on the Companies Register

Statistics for 2008 to 2013

Number of Local Companies on Register from 2008 to 2013

Public companies9,6659,99110,51510,92811,55812,050
Private companies701,101762,262853,247945,4641,033,0861,150,881
Total No. of local companies that has remained registered on the Companies Register710,766772,253863,762956,3921,044,6441,162,931
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