Licensing of Money Lenders

A person carrying on business as a money lender in Hong Kong must obtain a money lender's licence. The licensing of money lenders and regulation of money-lending transactions are governed by the Money Lenders Ordinance, Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong.


Governing authorities

Licensing Court
  Responsible for determination of applications for and granting of money lenders licences.

Registrar of Money Lenders (the role is presently performed by the Registrar of
 Responsible for processing applications for money lenders licences, renewal of licences and endorsement on licences; as well as maintaining a register of money lenders for inspection by members of the public.
Commissioner of Police
 Responsible for enforcing the Money Lenders Ordinance, including carrying out examinations on applications for money lenders licences, renewal of licences and endorsements on licences; and investigations of complaints against money lenders.


Application for a money lender's licence and its renewal

Please refer to the following information pamphlets for details:

How to Apply for a Money Lenders Licence (pdf Format)

Fees payable under the Money Lenders Ordinance (pdf Format)

Please also refer to the Guideline on Application for New Issue / Renewal of and Endorsement on Money Lenders Licence (pdf Format).

Notices of applications for money lenders licences and renewals are published in the government gazette and two newspapers, namely, "The Standard" and "Hong Kong Economic Times".

A money lender's licence is valid for 12 months. Application for renewal of a licence should be made within 3 months prior to the expiration of the licence.


Obligations of a licensed money lender

A licensed money lender is required to notify the Registrar of Money Lenders or apply for endorsement on the licence, where appropriate, under the following circumstances:

If there is any change in the registered particulars of the licensee;

If the licensee intends to carry on business of a money lender at any additional or different premises;

If the licensee dies, the widow or widower or any member of the family of the age of 21 years or above, or any person on behalf of the family, intends to submit an application for endorsement of his or her name on the licence.

Please refer to the information pamphlet 'Obligations of a Licensed Money Lender' (pdf Format) for details.


Restriction on advertisements

All advertisements issued or published for the purpose of the business of a licensed money lender must clearly show the money lender's licence number.


Search on records of licensed money lenders

Search on registered particulars of licensed money lenders can be conducted during search service hours at the following address :

Address :Companies Registry (Money Lenders Unit)
  29th floor, Queensway Government Offices
 66 Queensway, Hong Kong
Search service hours :Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please click the links below to view or download the lists:

List of Existing Money Lenders Licensees (in alphabetical order of English Name) (pdf Format)
List of Existing Money Lenders Licensees (in sequential order of MLR No.) (pdf Format)
List of Money Lenders Licensees and Applicants for Money Lenders Licences (pdf Format)


Complaints against money lenders

Complaints may be made with:

Hong Kong Police Force, Licensing Office (Money Lenders Licensing Section)
12th floor, Arsenal House, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong.
Telephone:(852) 2860 3574
Fax: (852) 2200 4514
Companies Registry (Money Lenders Unit)
Address: 29th floor, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong
Telephone:(852) 2867 2634
Fax:(852) 2530 9001

For complaints relating to improper debt collection practices, please report to the nearby police station.


Other financial institutions

Authorized institutions under the Banking Ordinance (Chapter 155 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (including banks, restricted licence banks and deposit-taking companies) are regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority .



For enquiries on registration of Money Lenders and applications for Money Lenders Licences, please contact the Money Lenders Unit of the Companies Registry :

Telephone:(852) 2867 2634
Fax:(852) 2530 9001

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