2016 Customer Service Survey

The Companies Registry has conducted a customer service survey to collect customers’ opinions on its performance of services. The overall customer satisfaction rating increased from 3.78 in 2015 to 3.8 (on a five-point scale) this year. The satisfaction ratings on five major services delivered by the Registry have improved.

Satisfaction Ratings for Individual Service Attributes

2016 Customer Service Survey Satisfaction Ratings for Individual Service Attributes
  Overall Registration
of New Companies
Change of Name of Local Companies Registration
of General Documents
of Charges
Deregistration of Companies Online Search on the Internet Onsite Search at Public Search Centre Onsite Delivery of Documents
2015 3.78 3.76 3.93 3.65 3.57 3.68 3.99 3.77 3.56
2016 3.8 3.73 3.88 3.67 3.61 3.71 3.98 3.86 3.65


A five-point scale, ranging from “Very Satisfied” (Score 5) to “Very Dissatisfied” (Score 1) is used for respondents to rate the satisfaction level of various services. Satisfaction rating is the mean score based on the five-point scale to indicate the level of customer satisfaction with the overall performance and major services of the Registry.