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Generation of e-Form from XML Data File

The Companies Registry ("CR") provides a Third Party Software Interface ("TPSI") testing environment to facilitate third party software developers and in-house IT professionals of our customers ("software developers") to test and ensure compatibility of their XML data files prepared with the specified TPSI file format. The test covers the XML data files and the generation of the following e-forms currently available at the e-Registry:

Form NumberNature of Form
NNC2Notice of Change of Company Name
NR1Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office
NSC1Return of Allotment

The TPSI Testing Environment is available on
- every Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (except Public Holiday).

Users who wish to access the TPSI Testing Environment to conduct testing on the e-forms for the first time are required to send their requests by providing their company names and contact information (i.e., full name, email address and phone number) to the CR via the email address They will receive a reply email containing the URL of the TPSI Testing Environment and the login ID and password of the user account.

The login ID and password are provided for the sole and exclusive use of the user who made the request and should not be disclosed to other persons.

Please note that the relevant TPSI functions would only perform syntax check on the XML data files submitted by users. Users should further perform semantic check and ensure data correctness of their XML data files. The XML data files so submitted to and the resultant e-Forms so generated by the TPSI Testing Environment are solely for testing purpose and would be removed by the CR when necessary without further notice to users. Users are also advised not to use production data when performing tests in the TPSI Testing Environment.

For details about the TPSI Testing Environment, please refer to the User Manual for the TPSI Testing Environment (v1.4)(English version only)(pdf Format), or forward your enquiries to

TPSI e-Form Submission Testing

TPSI e-form submission testing arrangement is provided for software developers to perform testing on submission of their TPSI e-forms generated by API or XML in CR testing environment through our TPSI testing support. The testing arrangement aims to enable software developers to test if the e-forms generated from their applications align with the Registry’s TPSI specifications. Testing request on a completed "TPSI e-form submission testing request form" (English version) (MS Word format) should be sent by email to our TPSI testing support ( together with attachment(s) of the signed testing e-form(s). Our TPSI testing support will submit the e-form(s) on behalf of the requester, and return the testing results to the requester normally within 3 working days.

For preparation of the e-form(s) for testing, please refer to the sample company records and individual user accounts (English version) (MS Excel format). Requesters are required to enter the particulars of the sample companies in their testing e-form(s), and arrange the e-form(s) to be electronically signed by the individual users in their appropriate capacity as provided in the sample. Please note that the sample company records in CR testing environment will not be updated according to the changes reported in the testing e-form(s), even if the e-forms are submitted successfully.

For enquiries, please contact TPSI testing support (

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