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“CR eFiling” is a free mobile application (the App) developed by the Companies Registry to facilitate registered users of the e-Registry to submit applications for incorporation, Annual Returns and commonly filed specified forms to the Registrar of Companies for registration using smartphones and mobile devices anytime and anywhere. With the e-form editing feature of the App, users can easily retrieve, edit and submit a saved e-form on the mobile devices.

You can now submit the following e-forms via the App:

Incorporation of Local Companies

NNC1Incorporation Form (Company Limited by Shares)
NNC1GIncorporation Form (Company Not Limited by Shares)
NNC3Consent to Act as First Director

Annual Return

NAR1Annual Return

Reporting Changes of Company Particulars

NNC2Notice of Change of Company Name
NR1Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office
ND2ANotice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (Appointment/Cessation)
ND2BNotice of Change in Particulars of Company Secretary and Director
ND4Notice of Resignation of Company Secretary and Director
ND5Notice of Change of Reserve Director (Nomination/Cessation)
ND7Notice of Change in Particulars of Reserve Director
ND8Notice of Resignation of Reserve Director
NSC1Return of Allotment

Access to “CR eFiling”

The App supports smartphones and tablets with iOS 13 to 15 and Android 8 to 9. You can download the App for free from App Store or Google Play by clicking the hyperlinks or scanning the QR codes below:

General Information

Service Support

You can contact the 24-hour Help Desk Support Service Team for assistance:
Telephone: (852) 8201 8273

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