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  1. The e-Registry is a 24-hour portal developed by the Companies Registry to facilitate electronic submission, anytime and anywhere, of applications for incorporation of local companies, applications for registration of non-Hong Kong companies, specified forms and related documents under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to the Registrar of Companies for registration.

    To provide our customers with a convenient and integrated service, the e-Registry also serves as a one-stop platform for company and business registration whereby any online application for incorporation of a local company or application for registration of a non-Hong Kong company will be deemed to be an application for business registration simultaneously. Moreover, upon submission of a Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office (e-Form NR1), an optional electronic one-stop notification service is also available for a local company to report the change of registered office address also as a change of business address to the Inland Revenue Department.

    Registered users can submit specified forms and related documents individually or in bulk through the e-Registry. Companies can also deliver amended documents for rectifying the typographical or clerical errors contained in documents already registered with the Companies Registry.

    Documents which are neither specified forms nor required to be delivered together with the specified forms cannot be submitted through the e-Registry and should be delivered to the Companies Registry in hard copy form.

    To facilitate electronic filing at the e-Registry, the following services are also provided:

    • Annual Return e-Reminder Service - This service is free of charge. Electronic notifications for delivering annual returns will be sent by the system to the message boxes and registered email addresses of Users of the e-Registry. Users can readily access the e-Registry through a hyperlink provided in the notifications for electronic submission of Annual Returns (e-Forms NAR1 or NN3).
    • Third Party Software Interface ("TPSI") Service - Registered users can use the TPSI Service to submit their duly completed and signed electronic files of specified forms which are generated by third party software (i.e. software which is developed in-house or purchased from software vendor), in specified interface file formats with or without attachments, to the Companies Registry.
    • Registration of Registered Agent Service - Company Users (except Business Registration Company Users) and Individual Users of the e-Registry may appoint their Registered Agents ("RA") free of charge at the e-Registry for the purpose of delivering commonly filed specified forms (other than applications for incorporation of local companies and registration of non-Hong Kong companies) in electronic form. An RA can be a company or a natural person. An RA, who has registered at the e-Registry, must be authorised and appointed by his/her/its appointer before the RA can act on behalf of the appointer for the purpose of electronic filing at the e-Registry.
    Note: Registration as an RA should not be regarded as conferring a licence on the RA or as providing any recognition of any qualification of the RA for provision of trust or company service. To access the Register of Trust or Company Service Provider Licensees, please visit the website of the Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers (

    You can also make use of our e-Monitor service to keep track of the filing records of a company. Company Users of the e-Registry are provided with e-Monitor (Self-Monitor) service free of charge to help them to stay vigilant of unauthorised filings or alterations of information of their companies. Individual Users and Company Users can also subscribe to e-Monitor (Other Companies) service ("subscriber") at a fee of HK$17 per company per year to monitor the filing position of companies they specified. Through the e-Monitor service, electronic notifications will be sent to the relevant Company User and subscriber(s) instantly when a document is registered in the public record of the company concerned. The Company User and/or the subscriber(s) may order the image record of the document at the Companies Registry's Cyber Search Centre or through the Company Search Mobile Service.

  2. One-stop Service for Company Incorporation and Business Registration

    e-Registry serves you anytime and anywhere

  3. Demonstrations (mp4 Format)

    mp4 video - e-Registry - User Registration (Individual) mp4 video - e-Registry - User Registration (Company) mp4 video - e-Registry - Account Association
  4. Sample Articles of Association
    Demonstrations (mp4 Format)

    mp4 video - e-Registry - e-Incorporation (Form NNC1)mp4 video - e-Registry - e-Incorporation (Form NNC1G)mp4 video - e-Registry - Change of Local Company Namemp4 video - e-Registry - Change of Registered Officemp4 video - e-Registry – Annual Return
    mp4 video - e-Registry - Deregistrationmp4 video - e-Registry - Same Changes for Many Companiesmp4 video - e-Registry - Offline Submissionmp4 video - e-Registry - Bulk Submissionmp4 video - e-Registry - e-Reminder

  5. Forms

    The following forms (prepared in MS Chinese Word 2003 MS Chinese Word and fillable pdf fillable pdf format format) are only applicable to individuals who are not registered users of the e-Registry. Company Users and Individual Users of the e-Registry must register their appointment/cessation of registered agents through Form E-RAG1 under "Registered Agent (RA)" function.

    RAG1 Notification of Appointment or Cessation of Appointment of a Registered Agent MS Chinese Word fillable pdf format
    RAACHG Consent to Change Particulars of Appointer MS Chinese Word fillable pdf format

    Demonstration (mp4 Format)

    mp4 video - e-Registry - Registration of RA
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